She wants to know what's in your pocket

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She wants to know what's in your pocket

2359 x 2000

Happy Birthday Our Kid.

Liam at G-Mex, 14.12.1997

Paul is born in 1966 in January.

Thank You!



Anonymous murmurou:
Greetings. First of all, let me say that I love your blog and everything you do. I always had this doubt and yet I could not find the answer. You happen to know the date of birth of Paul Gallagher's older brother Noel and Liam. I hope you can solve my doubt. In advance thank you very much. ^^


Greetings. First of all, let me say that I love your blog and everything you do.

… and seriously: thank You very much.

 I hope you can solve my doubt.

I have bad news - I can’t. There is note about Paul’s date of birth somewhere for sure and You just have to look for it ‘cos I’m lazy. 



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Noel spotted on the tube today!

An extraordinary guy.

Could Noel have been thinking about his brother when he wrote Don’t Look Back In Anger? Because all our Liam’s done throughout his career is look front, back and sideways in blind fury. (…)
- Piers Morgan

Photograph by John Wright, size: 1163 x 1600

Lowlands, 1994
© Michel Linssen

(…) Liam had been trying to be friendly with Noel and Noel was giving him a hard time, and that’s what started him off on his binge. The impression I got was that Noel had so much power over him.

He seemed very vulnerable that day. He was totally pissed by the time we did that photo session but he was desperately trying to get in with Noel again. (…)

© Yvonne McConaughey

Photo size: 1600 x 947

PS There are two sources and the other one says she’s name’s Yvonne McConaghy.
Maybe some of You know something more?
Maybe i’ts an abbreviation of the name?

For example look here:

© probably to Yvonne McConaughey (or McConaghy)

Our Kid in action. ;)

elrubendoblas murmurou:
your blog is fucking amazing

Thank You fucking very much. 

The 29th of March 1994 was not destined to be a special day for music. It was Bobby Kimball’s birthday, mostly known as frontman of Toto, as well as Perry Farrell’s from Jane’s Addiction among other bands. It was also the birth anniversary of legendary British composer William Walton, and the death anniversary of Carl Orff, creator of the mythic Carmina Burana. Not too much…

…But as a matter of fact, that day would mean a turning point for the Oasis career, even if they couldn’t imagine that after what happened.


Liam, main vocalist, “stood still in his structured pose” throughout the show, while the rest of the band “hardly moved a muscle”. Some people didn’t understand what was going on, and others let the skin, a gesture that Liam appreciated and encouraged. The rest of the public, a majority, were really angry.

Moreover, Liam decided to “trade insults” with them. “It was just verbal abuse, nothing more,” explains McNeely. The atmosphere was getting hotter and hotter, although at times “his accent was strongly Manchester that no one understood” what he exclaimed. (…)

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