She wants to know what's in your pocket

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She wants to know what's in your pocket

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Jay Mehler - ASL Ice Bucket Challenge.

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836 x 562

Interview at Glastonbury Festival in 1995.

© Jill Furmanovsky

Eating without food. ;)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


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30 Mad Moments From Oasis’ Craziest Year

Photo no 1: On January 30 The Sun reports that while working at a car valet service, Manchester City fan Liam Gallagher played pranks on various Manchester United players. Allegedly, he threw a bucket of water over Ryan Giggs, scratched Eric Cantona’s Audi and rubbed wire wool on Paul Ince’s BMW. He was subsequently given his marching orders.

Photo no 2: Oasis win an All Time Favourite Band in a Music Week poll on June 29, with nearly twice as many votes as The Beatles. An Oasis statement calls the result “blasphemous”, but tabloids say the band are now “bigger than The Beatles”. The Sun publishes pictures of a 10-year-old Noel making his singing debut playing King Herod in a school production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

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Did I believe we were going to get quite that big? Probably not - the album went Top 10 and as it fizzled out I probably thought, “Well, you know what, we did what we did there and didn’t we do it well?”. Then you fast forward two years and you’re at Knebworth. - Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs

20 years.

© Dean Chalkley

600 x 900

akachief, this man on the first gif - he has face like a devil or I don’t know… a little much red and magenta, isn’t it?

On the same gif Noel seems to “answer”…

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Anonymous murmurou:
fuck u fuck your perfect gifs fuck your blog fuck uuuuuuuurgh




I see a troll.
Someone is jealous.
Just don’t care akachief.

Or maybe someone was trying wrote in funny way that Your gifs are perfect?

I don’t know.


It’s alright, Anna. I took that as a compliment anyway haha

And You took it as it should be taken.

When I see angry people I know they are jealous.
Maybe jealous, maybe have other problems in their lifes, yes, a lot of problems. :(
This all haters, You know.
So they say or write nasty things about others to feel better but it doesn’t help. We should feel sorry for them.

Some of Your gifs are really good, some others are just… gifs ;) but the most important thing is You are visible, You are induce emotions as we can see.

You’re not… emm… weathered.

And this is it, right?


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Troque o titulo no seu appearence

va no appearence.
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