She wants to know what's in your pocket

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She wants to know what's in your pocket


The Chief himself.

Chasing The Sun: Oasis 1993-1997.

368 x 569

Go Let it Out at Coachella in 2002.

So, you know, that’s the incredible side of George.


Paul Gallagher: ‘The Weetabix kid, that’s what we called Liam. He lived on breakfast cereals. At breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, he was either tucking into Ready Brek or Weetabix. He wouldn’t eat normal food like potatoes or meat, just Ready Brek. If he went to the cupboard and that box of Ready Brek was empty, he’d start a big inquiry.

'Who's been eating my my Ready Brek? Don't you go near it!'. He was such a fussy, whingeing type. 'I don't like my food messed with, this drink's too hot, too cold, who's been wearing my jumper, why is this t-shirt really creased?' But nothing like the fuss over his Ready Brek'

Idler’s Dream at Bayou Music Center, Houston, 09.11.12

Noel and Ian Broudie at Fantasy World Cup live in 1998.

Anonymous murmurou:
Do you have a link for the noel gallagher interview in 2014 I think it's for sky sports and he's wearing a blur/denim shirt?

Champagne Supernova

Noel for Sky Sports, 11.04.14


Chasing The Sun 1993-1997 exhibition

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Manchester, Maine Road, first night, 27.04.96.

I’m finishing my last beer and wondering. About what? About many things.

You don’t know me. Sasha knows me a little bit, but to know another person you must meet her/him ar least one time. And you’ll still don’t know if he/she’s really so amusing and entertaining or if she/he’s killing cats and their bodies he’she’s hiding in a cellar.

Some people are not “people” but they still are. They are beasts. I don’t know how it could be possible… It’s dreadful.

I’ve wrote I have sense of humour. Of course You could not believe me but if some of You spend with me 1-3 hours then… ;) Sometimes I’m laughingh like a pig. “Chruuum chrrrummm” ;) And sometimes I’m laughting when maybe I shouldn’t… I’m ME.

PS Love each other, carry each other, never give up.


20 years ago today, April 11, 1994, Oasis released their first single, “Supersonic.”

"Someone told me "Supersonic" was about teenage prostitution. Shit!". -Noel Gallagher

(…) told me… (…)

Yop. One person tells the other person and the other person thinks it’s really and tells another person and she/he thinks that it can’t be a rumour ‘cos she/he heard it from person and…. and… and…

I’m a not a woman, I’m a man, 99 years old, nice to meet you.

She wants to know what's in your pocket. Oasis, Gallaghers, Beady Eye, NG.

Gallaghers, Oasis, BE
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